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no one really cares

Posted by PolandGuy - 1 month ago

>that moment when something you spent working on around 6 months gets worse reviews than something you shat out in two weeks

okay, aside from that, I'm working on making all the gunshot and blood effects this month that I will need for the next animation because I switching to a more quarterly uploading schedule, because apparently shitting out a .fla test is much more appreciated than trying to make something that actually means something, even if to just me and a few former close people

okay, sorry for the rant, but im just trying to cope

I'm going to take all the criticism (that I somehow didn't get even though the movie has a mediocre rating?) and try to improve with the next movie, of course going 0% stock sprites and with a new story

for real though if you have any good criticism then please leave it at least here so I can get more into what people like and what they don't, because so far I've mainly only been able to learn from what I noticed myself.

thanks for reading my shitty rant that's probably going to turn into a copypasta about a low-mediocre level animator thinking he's better than everyone else; See you next month.


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">that moment when something you spent working on around 6 months gets worse reviews than something you shat out in two weeks"

I feel your pain and that has happened to me so many times before on different levels as well.
It's really hard to face it :D

But look, even tho you make stuff for other people you gotta remember you're doing it for yourself as well. As long as the results are pleasing to you, that's all that matters :)

i guess your right, although i will keep making stuff nontheless because honestly i dont have much to do in my spare time anyway

@Ratcaller @PolandGuy Keeping yourself busy is the way to go!

i feel u, man. in 2017 and january 2018 i had the session when i animated every day for collabs and I so fucking enjoyed it, it lasted actually only 3 months because of ppl who animate shit telling me something.

advice: don't listen to those.

the thing is, no one's telling me anything, i have a mediocre star rating but there's no negative or mixed comments with ratings, so I don't know what im doing wrong

One thing that I noticed with your animation was that, aside from being choppy at times and lacking solid impact, the story was very hard to keep track of. Stuff was happening too fast and it was sort of hard to enjoy when you don't have enough time to process what's happening on the scene. I don't think it was a bad animation, but I feel it could have been executed better in some aspects such as smoothening, perhaps choreography, and maybe storytelling, because despite the text telling us some stuff, it was still very confusing to see what was going on during the movie.
I do hope that you keep striving to impress with more animations in the future, you just need to keep improving and taking steps!

yeah the animation quality especially in the beginning of act 2 (the two scenes after the red gun shot transitions) look pretty bad, but I guess I was too lazy to completely remake them. When it comes to the story i had it planned out as follows:

-LAYER 1: the stuff you can keep track of first time watching and without going in depth, the general story
-LAYER 2: the stuff that is hidden inside of posters, which of many are visible for a really short time (in the future I will make it so they are visible for longer so more people can notice them while watching the first time, and then go back and read them afterwards)
-LAYER 3: the stuff that is personal to me and the few close friends I had, it's unique to this animation, as I will probably not include it in the next ones.

Now, I think what I did wrong here is I confused layer 1 and 2, making it hard to follow while making it hard for people who want to go more in-depth to actually find and read all of the hidden text
Also, what doesn't help is the inclusion of the 3rd layer (which is mostly hex in the later part of the movie, which i tried making it have sense for both me and my former close friends, and TRIED to make sense also within the context of the story), in general it's probably just confusing to a lot of people, as it might not make that much sense.

In the future i wil still try to give it meaning in my personal level, but instead of hiding text i will make parallels, which interpreted a certain way, can be attributed to my personal life and ""struggles""

I will focus more on action right of the bat and will move away from a 3-act structure (which only works in highly polished long movies)
Also I will move to making the movies shorter, to around 3-4 minutes so the animation is more even'ed out when it comes to animation quality

thanks for the constructive comment